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Rainbow School Admission

Rainbow School Admission
Rainbow International

You are One Step Further towards providing your child with the best education.

Technology, its gadgets, and the internet have indisputably revolutionized the world, and it is time we introduced our young learners to its many advantages.

Our latest venture is Virtual Learning, where our students will experience a full-course education with the aid of Apps such as ‘Google Classroom’, presentations by teachers, and live lessons. Their coursework, assessments, and projects will be available online, with the access right at their fingertips. Our students can now tap into their coursework even when away from school, and at any time of the day.

The growth in digital technology over the years has opened doors for education to be taught and experienced differently as well. On our Virtual Learning Platform, this digital tool will be used to spice things up by making learning an exciting adventure that adds an incalculable value to their overall education.

Our Classes

Nurturing Children’s Confidence and Skills for Future

Why Rainbow International School?

A dedicated institute committed to nurturing students and empowering all learners

Awards & Accomplishments

Technology in Classrooms E-learning resources for better learning & memory

Amenities & Facilities

We provide globally recognized class resources and state-of-the-art facilities, making Rainbow International School one of its kind.

Student Achievements

At Rainbow, students’ achievements are celebrated and honored. Find the listing of our top rankers and their achievements here.

Safety & Security

Student safety is our top priority and we ensure it is safeguarded through the most stringent security measures of current times.

Parents Corner

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