Cosmos Arcade, Brahmand Phase 4, Thane West

Rainbow Preschool International

Rainbow International
Rainbow Preschool International

A Chain of 36 Schools Across Maharashtra

While Rainbow International School was established in 2009, Rainbow Preschools were set up in 2007 and have been going strong ever since.

Our preschoolers learn to push the boundaries of their imagination and think outside the box. We instill life skills in them such as honesty, confidence, independence, and showing kindness to others through our curriculum, unique storytelling techniques, and mini excursions to everyday locations such as the bank, post office, supermarket etc.

Our branches have a warm vibrant vibe, making the environment conducive for our students. We find that they are more proactive, communicative, and cheerful surrounded by such exuberance. The activities we engage them in complement nicely with the mood set by the architecture.

Our preschool branches have an all-women staff which includes teachers, housekeepers, and security.

Our Programmes

Playful Learning for Stronger Foundation

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