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Senior Secondary Section


For the final lap of their schooling years, Rainbow ensures, above all, the students are ready to take on the world outside of the school and are prepared for the directions their varied careers would take them on.

Our zestful curriculum is entirely focused on quality learning, one that would shape them for a future not only in India, but globally as well. It is designed to keep them intrigued and engaged, developing them into responsible, confident, and independent thinkers. Keeping in mind the importance of their over-all growth, we ensure their continued involvement in Sports, Arts, and Languages to maintain their physical and mental health in light of their academic commitments.

At Rainbow, our higher graders receive one-on-one career guidance from counselors to ensure they have a medium where they may voice out their concerns, sort through their dilemmas, and navigate through several layers of career options to find one that suits their interests best. Our leadership and teamwork oriented programs hone their own skills and help highlight their own unique qualities.

When our students graduate from here, they do so as academically stellar, responsible, and naturally outstanding young adults, fit to take on the world.



An exhaustive, always-in-demand educational stream that can be defined as a study of Business, Finance & Trade. Commerce students typically engage in the study of goods and service exchange, business operations, financial transactions, how the economy of the country works, and more. The indispensability of commerce and its related application to our day to-day living makes it a lucrative field to explore, and one with a wide choice of career options too.


Science is the basis on which the world can function, and which aids the planning, experiment, and development of the future. Because this stream focuses on knowledge, observation, and technicality of everything around us, it is an exhaustive field with a plethora of career options to consider from. Scientists and researchers learn new ideas through research and experiments to find out more about the world. Thus, innate curiosity and keenness to explore, coupled with a logical thinking ability are essential to be successful in this stream.


Humanities, more popularly referred to as Arts, is a very broad domain that covers areas related to human society, relationships, culture and systems. These features are built to offer the learner a deeper understanding of how the socioeconomic influences of the world and society influence us, and how human society, laws and norms have evolved over time.From the study of how people interact in group settings to the study of the legal rights of citizens, everything comes under the vast purview of humanities. Awareness and curiosity to learn about world affairs, social issues, historical events and society are the quintessential ideals for attaining success in this stream.

Curriculum Philosophy


Development of creative ideas & ways of thinking


Multidimensional curriculum to excel in all aspects of school life


Intellectual stimulation for developing talent & maturity of mind


Character building through opportunities for leadership

Teaching Methodology

Experiential Learning Programmes

Unique International Experiential Learning Certificate Programs, integrated throughout the year-round coursework & offered exclusively to our Grade 11 students.

Career Counselling

A Career Guidance Programme, powered by Proventus, an Overseas Education Company and experts in providing ‘customised’ workshops to aspirants, our students stand to receive individual focus and when making that life-altering decision.

Foreign Language Classes

Adding to a plethora of skill-developing options in store for our students, our Foreign Language Skill Development Programme is designed to present one of the most relevant languages of the current era, that is, French.

Summer Internship Programme

In addition to our eclectic arrangement of workshops, lectures from industry experts and the academia carefully structured by our experienced mentors, our students have internship opportunities to look out for during their Senior Secondary years

Evaluation Strategy

Formal Examination

2 Summative Assessment Tests: one at the end of each semester
4 Formative Assessment Tests: two tests per semester to assess on-going learning

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