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Homework War: Endgame

As parents, we have all been there and sometimes still are. Kids very rarely look forward to doing their homework and we often have to force them to finish their homework and assignments before bedtime. However, homework is an essential part of a student’s life and it impacts a lot on their future academic performance. This makes it necessary to figure out a way to not only enforce but more importantly, encourage the kids to finish their homework without the cold war.

Importance of Homework

Homework supplements the knowledge that the students are receiving at school. Its role is to amplify comprehension and provide the students a chance to study, practice and understand the study material better. This type  of ‘outside-the-classroom’ learning helps students increase the development of positive studying habits, improve cognition and memory and enhances time management skills.

So why the resistance?

Students often find it difficult to understand the value of homework. Afterall, why squander away their valuable free time after spending, what feels like, the whole day at school? Other factors from attention and motivation issues to poor time management and organizational skills can also lead to students having trouble finishing the homework in time. 

How to motivate the kids to do homework?

Students who don’t do homework or constantly quarrel with their parents about it often experience higher levels of stress. This stress often leads to lack of motivation, both inside as well as outside the classroom, causing them to fall behind their classmates and friends. It’s important for their parents to take an active role in making sure that the kids not only complete their homework but also enjoy doing it to keep them from lagging behind and resulting in a poor performance.

How can you as a parent make the homework time a smoother process? The key to this problem is that instead of making your kid do the homework, focus on making the homework more and more enjoyable. It’s actually a lot easier than it sounds.

Create a schedule/timetable

Creating a schedule for your kid makes it far easier to get them to sit down and complete their homework/assignments. Set a time and create a special study space where there are absolutely no distractions. Make it their life’s nightly routine.

Give your kids a break after they return from school

Don’t force your children to finish their homework right after they’re back from school. Let them relax and give their minds some breathing time. This break often adds to their productivity and helps them concentrate when doing their homework.

Appreciate and motivate your kids

Encourage and appreciate your kids when they work hard and finish the homework. Think of it as getting praised or rewarded at work by your boss when you successfully complete a tough project. You feel motivated to take on more challenging projects when your hard work is acknowledged.Something as small as a simple high five or a fist bump or even a few words of praise can boost your little one’s motivation by a great margin. You can also offer small rewards like his/her favourite candy or a trip to the store.

Lead by an example

When your kids are doing their homework, try keeping them company by engaging in more academically oriented activities of your own like reading a book, research, or doing something work related right beside them. The sense of companionship and knowing they are not working alone is both comforting as well as motivating.

Talk about the advantages of homework

Rather than yelling, calmly discuss with your kids about why homework is important and how it helps them score better grades. Explain how homework makes their studies easier and how it helps learning different subjects better. Quarreling with the kids will only result in higher stress levels and increased frustration, leaving them unable to concentrate on their homework.

End of Homework Arguments

By encouraging and motivating rather than forcing your kids to complete their homework, you are helping them to be more organized and proactive. This will not only save you from a lot of arguments down the line but also help your kids use their energy to reach their potential, instead of fighting to avoid homework.