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Field trips: know how they groom students in 5 ways

The concrete jungle around us is taking students away from nature. School authorities must take care how adversely this lifestyle affects schoolchildren. Field trips offer a recreational opportunity and following are the ways by which it trains children to adopt a healthier lifestyle outside school.

5 benefits schoolkids get out of field trips

1. Education

Children get hands-on lessons in subjects such as History, Geography and Science as the teacher demonstrates the lessons in reality. This helps in better understanding of the subject. 

2. Exercise

In hectic daily schedules of school and private tuitions thereafter, children lack the breathing space to relax at home. Lack of physical activity and uninterrupted studying strain children. 

In such a situation,. This simple cardiovascular exercise improves blood circulation and keeps children healthy.

3. Interest in sports

Children have literally stopped playing outside. Their sports routines have been replaced by immersive, addictive video games which prevent movement from in front of the television screen for hours. 

This lethargic routine leads to frustration and children get irritable. Field trips bring in excitement with sports such as rope climbing, cross fit training that push stamina limits of the children and boost adrenaline secretion.

4. Community Benefits

Negligence of hygiene and cleanliness practices lead to waste and even land pollution which, in turn,  clog public spaces. Eco-friendly field trips organized by school authorities seek voluntary participation from students. 

For instance, cleaning the premises of an amusement park or a beach requires mass participation of children. Such field trips help children become responsible and accountable to the environment.

5. Critical thinking

Learning by doing is retained better in the minds of the children and builds further analytical skills. 

Research proves that children taken to a field trip to museums or art installation centers are able to explain a subject with better reasoning and insight as compared to those learning inside classrooms only. 

These are the immediate benefits field trips provide. It’s time school authorities associate nature with education by regularising field trips for an all-round development of students.