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Amazing YouTube channels on general knowledge for kids

There is no shortcut to  knowledge, more so in general knowledge and current affairs. To make teaching more interactive, several apps and YouTube channels now present information with animation that amuses children. Help yourselves with the following 7 channels and apps that increase children’s awareness.

7 YouTube channels to boost kids’ general knowledge

1. GK Adda:

With over 95,000 subscribers, this YouTube channel has a number of videos giving information through questions and answers. From elementary knowledge about Indian national flags, anthems to sports, Science, History and other subjects, this channel also posts advanced-level videos to help aspirants in government exams. Find out more on

2. IT Miner: 

This is another YouTube channel that uploads vlogs about general knowledge in English and Tamil. The educational videos comprise  question and answer format, guided by the voice of a child. This attracts students’ attention as children like listening to the voice of someone their age and thus, show interest in the information. Find out more on

3. Medsphoto: 

This channel has animated content on general knowledge, which is a big advantage over other forms of multimedia used to make such videos. Targeted at kindergarten and playshool students, the videos on alphabets, object identification and puzzles are really helpful for children to identify animals, objects and learn the English language. Find out more on 

4. Fun Quiz

Only knowing the correct answer to a question is not enough. Explanation for the correct answer helps children retain the information longer. This is where Fun Quiz, with their multiple choice questions on any trivia, succeed. The videos explain the correct answer 5 seconds after displaying the question in order to allow children to guess the right one.  This excites students to know more. Find out more on

5. BQCIndia: 

Remember Bournvita Quiz Contest? Before Kaun Banega Crorepati became popular, this quiz show was a household name on television and can now be watched on its YouTube channel. This show instils the sense of friendly competition and need for prompt thinking among primary school students. Due to the level of interaction and excitement this show has, BQCIndia is a must watch for every child above 5 years of age. Find out more on 

6. Chikuu TV knowledge videos

This channel also follows the format of multiple choice questions. From learning puzzles of English alphabets to simple Mathematics and trivia across Geography, History, Science and other subjects, this is a good source of general knowledge. Find out more on

7. The Trivia Channel

This is a channel that compiles a vast reserve of knowledge in the subject of History in particular and Science, Health and Geography additionally. It also has some interesting facts about popular culture such as movies and music, thereby exciting children on topics of extra-curricular activities too and thus, retaining their interest in general knowledge. Find out more on

These are our best picks for holistic development of children’s general knowledge. As technology advances, the Internet will become a far more dependable resource for general knowledge.