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7 areas in education where Indian women are excellent

Women are not only teachers but also leaders, as far as Indian education system is concerned. Across all hierarchies, there is no position left where women have not ruled.  

Here are the qualities of women which play a decisive role in Indian education system.

7 excelling features of  Indian women in the educational sector

1. Women become better counsellors :

Women show empathy by listening to the children, understanding their problems and accordingly giving them proper guidance. In many cases, parents feel more comfortable to have their children confide in women teachers for counselling.

2. Women become role models:

Women teachers, with the way they present themselves before everyone and their style of interaction, become role models for girl students as she sets an example of an intelligent adult citizen.   

3. Women break gender barriers:

Women get more comfortable with children while educating them about menstruation, puberty and hormonal health education. A boy can consult a woman teacher for any such problem, but a girl may not be comfortably able to approach a male teacher.

4. Women break stereotypes:

Women nowadays hold positions of sports coaches, which is a welcoming development as men were the undisputed leaders in the realm of sports coaching until a few years back. 

Below are the departments where women are ruling:

  • Management department :

Women are holding top positions in the management department as trustees, Board of Directors, Superintendents and Chief academics officers.

  • Position of scholars :

The role of principals are now acquired and followed more by women. They are also earning nationwide recognition as dean of academics, deans and assistant principals.

  • Higher education:

Women constitute the major chunk of teachers in higher secondary education, graduate, post graduate and courses based on extensive research in colleges and universities.

5. Administrative department:

Women have proved their mettle as librarians, computer teachers, admission officers, instructional coordinators and school counsellors.

6. Security department:

               Women have proved their agility, fitness and awareness levels to easily take charge in the security department.

7. Classroom assistant/ support staff/ helpers :

A woman as a teacher inspires girl students to become knowledgeable like her. Besides conventional education, she also intuitively teaches children to become better individuals.

Women have countless kinds of influence over students across the entire educational strata. Do you recall other verticals in education where women excel the most?